No More Whiney Fanboys & Fangirls - It's Time to Play Hardball

I've been watching with fear and disgust all of the calls for "Bernie or Bust."  That's the cry of whiney fanboys & fangirls, not of Political Revolutionaries.  We face too many civilization-ending crises - we don't have time for people to throwing tantrums and threaten "If we don't get our way, we'll take our ball and go home."  It's time to play hardball. 

There are those who complaing that "The Democrats" have become corrupt, and no longer represent us.  That's absolutely true.  But... the Democrats (nor the Republicans) are consumer brands, competing in the marketplace.  Political parties are membership organzations, and vehicles for aggregating and channeling political power.  They are controlled by who shows up, and who gives money.

In theory, we have a "Government Of the People, By the People, For the People" - but, in practice, that's only true IF WE SHOW UP.  

The Republicans went from being the staid, "Party of Business" to the party of crazies - because the Tea Party showed up (coopted as it is by some very specific financial interests).

Plan B for the Political Revolution: Playing the Long Game

It's too early to give up on a Bernie Sanders presidency - we need to keep pushing forward.  But... we also need to be gearing up for what comes next.  And we need a "Plan B" if Bernie doesn't make it.  Taking our ball and going home, does not a Political Revolution make.

A "Political Revolution" is about We The People taking back taking back our government.  That's about more than a single candidate and a single office.

Effecting change will require that We the People take back POWER!  We need to bring back Government Of the People, By the People, For the People - and that will require occupying not just the Presidency, but the Congress, Congressional Leadership & Committee Chairs - we need to control the rules, the agenda, and the votes!  And, we need to start taking back State & Local Government as well.

A Tale of Four Political Revolutions

Whether you like strong Government, or not - there is no question that government shapes our economy and our day-to-day lives.  Changes in Government policy change our country - and changes in Government policy stem from those who occupy the seats of power.  

From 1980 on, we have seen three "Political Revolutions" that have shifted power & policy - and we are now in the midst of a fourth.  Each of these has taken the form of a power block occupying first, a major political party, and then our Government at all levels.

Starting to Write

Starting to write.  Check out - and comment on - the book in progress.  

Kickstarter Launched

Just launched Kickstarter campaign to support this site - computer upgrades, some sys admin help, travel - you know, all the things it takes to spend full time researching, writing, and building a site.  PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD THE POLITICAL REVOLUTION!

Origin Story & Startup Mode

February 2016, Newton, Massaschusetts:  #feelingthebern, contributing money ("click to donate $27"), watching MSNBC, reading & posting to Facebook, debating with friends who support Hillary, ...

February 19:  Over dinner, comment that the Sanders campaign looks like "movement organizing on steroids," wonder out loud about what comes after the election.  My wife comments, "this movement stuff is new to a lot of people, you know about local organizing, you should write a book about it." 

February 20, 2016, early AM:  Inspiration strikes:  Are the domains politicalrevolution.* available (you know, "branding").  Stumble downstairs to the computer to check.  Low and behold, they are - probably because of the premium pricetag attached.  Tossed and turned the rest of the night; in the morning, in a stroke of either genius or madness, charged $7600 on a credit card for, .com, and .org.  Oh sh&t, now what do I do?!!!!   (more...)


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