No More Whiney Fanboys & Fangirls - It's Time to Play Hardball

Monday, March 28, 2016 - 9:53am

I've been watching with fear and disgust all of the calls for "Bernie or Bust."  That's the cry of whiney fanboys & fangirls, not of Political Revolutionaries.  We face too many civilization-ending crises - we don't have time for people to throwing tantrums and threaten "If we don't get our way, we'll take our ball and go home."  It's time to play hardball. 

There are those who complaing that "The Democrats" have become corrupt, and no longer represent us.  That's absolutely true.  But... the Democrats (nor the Republicans) are consumer brands, competing in the marketplace.  Political parties are membership organzations, and vehicles for aggregating and channeling political power.  They are controlled by who shows up, and who gives money.

In theory, we have a "Government Of the People, By the People, For the People" - but, in practice, that's only true IF WE SHOW UP.  

The Republicans went from being the staid, "Party of Business" to the party of crazies - because the Tea Party showed up (coopted as it is by some very specific financial interests).

The Democrats went from being the "Party of the People" to Republican Lite, because K-street operatives and the Democratic Leadership Council showed up, with money - and started occupying all the local party offices, running people for office, and so on.

If we want the Democrats to represent us (you know, We the People) - then we have to show up, occupy the party, and MAKE it represent us.

Yes, we can stay home, or join one of the existing third parties, or try to form yet another third party, or vote only for independents -- but that hasn't worked yet, and there's no reason to think it will in the future.  All that does, is let those who DO show up aggregate more power, and drive us closer to economic ruin and environmental collapse.

And we have a tremendous opportunity, right now, to take back the Democratic Party; to again make it "The Party of the People."  Today's largest voting block consists of millenial independents - our next generation, with the most to gain or lose - and right now, that huge voting block, along with its campaign contributions, is firmly aligned behind Bernie Sanders.  Whether or not we can win Bernie this nomination, and this presidency (and yes, we should fight all the way to the convention) - we are well positioned to take over the Democratic Party - to shape the agenda, to run candidates up and down the ticket, to shape the Democratic Party to our political will.

Tim Canova, in Florida, has it right:  Debbie Wasserman Schultz has become an obstacle to progress - Tim isn't runnng away, he's running for her seat in Congress!  That's how we play hardball.

If Bernie wins the nomination, the Party will line up behind him.  If he doesn't, he'll be walking into the convention with a large block of delegates, a well-organized campaign machine, and a proven fund-raising ability -- all of which Democrats will need to win the Presidency and take back Congress.  He'll be walking in with an arsenal - and whether he walks out with the nomination, or not, he'll be in a phenomenal position to shape the platform, and gain power for we the people (can you say 'Bernie Sanders, Senate Majority Leader,' or 'Bernie Sanders, chair of the DNC?')

So, say "Hell No" to "Bernie or Bust."  We should be solidifying our Plan B negotiating position:  "If you want our votes, and our money, here's what WE want."

It's time to stop being whiney fanboys and start playing Hardball.

Miles Fidelman, Author & Chief Instigator,


Now this is the right response... straight from Bernie's mouth to our ears.