Assholes - You've Doomed us All

Friday, November 11, 2016 - 9:25am


Ok, now that the turnout numbers are coming out - it's pretty clear that we have a mess because an awful lot of people DIDN'T VOTE.

At the same time, we had record high turnout in numbers, and record low turnout in percentages. And who was it who turned out? It was the worst among us - who voted not just for Trump, but for Republicans, at all levels. Yes, we had a few Democratic and Progressive victories, but not many. Overall, we just went from bad to bring of the apocalypse.

The deplorables turned out, progressives didn't. Those who turned out, voted for the apocalypse, while too many progressives threw a tantrum and didn't vote at all. The perfect is indeed the enemy of good enough. Assholes - you've doomed us all.