Let's Focus on Winning the War

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 6:27pm

We just lost a battle, maybe, but we're winning the war.  Let's not muck it up.

When Hillary beat out Bernie for the nomination - by fair means or foul - and when Bernie endorsed Hillary, we lost a battle (maybe).  But we're certainly winning the war.

The critical things to note about Bernie's endorsement:
- everyone on stage was paying homage to Bernie, AND they were talking progressive policies
- Bernie's speech - where he essentially said "We're here, We Won, We're not going anywhere, and oh, by the way, I endorse Hillary for figurehead"
- The way Bernie was looking down on the speeches, from the balcony - occasionally looking rather smug and self-satisfied
- Bernie held on to his database of voters and donors (i.e., us)

And then there's the ongoing shakeup of the DNC!

Bernie DIDN'T lose - he's all lined up for a powerful position in the Senate:  Chair of the budget committee, or maybe the appropriations committee, in a Democratic Senate is arguably more powerful than the President.  If we do things right, Bernie will be in a position to control the legislative and budget agenda - what gets to the President's desk for signature, and what doesn't.  And, if we support & elect Berniecrats to the down-ticket - flowing our donations and volunteer efforts through Progressive organizations, not the DSCC or DCCC - we will make clear to rank & file Democrats where the power really lies.

That all adds up to: Bernie holds a lot of power - as long as we continue to back him up.  If our money & votes win back Democratic control of the White House & both houses of power, then we hold all the cards going forward when it comes to legislation and budgeting.  BERNIE IS PLAYING A VERY STRONG POLITICAL GAME FOR US.  WE'RE WINNING THE WAR - LET'S NOT MUCK IT UP BY SPLINTERING.