We need a political revolution of millions of people in this country.  .... Bernie Sanders                                 

In February, I started asking two questions:  “What is a Political Revolution?” and “What do we do AFTER the November election?” 

The answers are still in the air.  This blog presents some thoughts & commentary from the journey.  A book will be forthcoming once the dust settles, followed by ongoing coverage of the Political Revolution as it develops.  

Origin Story & Startup Mode

February 2016, Newton, Massaschusetts:  #feelingthebern, contributing money ("click to donate $27"), watching MSNBC, reading & posting to Facebook, debating with friends who support Hillary, ...

February 19:  Over dinner, comment that the Sanders campaign looks like "movement organizing on steroids," wonder out loud about what comes after the election.  My wife comments, "this movement stuff is new to a lot of people, you know about local organizing, you should write a book about it." 

February 20, 2016, early AM:  Inspiration strikes:  Are the domains politicalrevolution.* available (you know, "branding").  Stumble downstairs to the computer to check.  Low and behold, they are - probably because of the premium pricetag attached.  Tossed and turned the rest of the night; in the morning, in a stroke of either genius or madness, charged $7600 on a credit card for politicalrevolution.net, .com, and .org.  Oh sh&t, now what do I do?!!!!   (more...)