We need a political revolution of millions of people in this country.  .... Bernie Sanders                                 

In February, I started asking two questions:  “What is a Political Revolution?” and “What do we do AFTER the November election?” 

The answers are still in the air.  This blog presents some thoughts & commentary from the journey.  A book will be forthcoming once the dust settles, followed by ongoing coverage of the Political Revolution as it develops.  

The Revolution is Happening Around Us

A recent HuffPost headline reads "Democrats Fear Bernie Sanders Is Turning Voters Against Them" - going on to say "State Democratic parties are ticked off that Bernie Sanders is characterizing fundraising arrangements they have with Hillary Clinton’s campaign as corrupt"

But that's not the real story.  The real story is that the parties are becoming less and less relevant.  On the Republican side, a complete outsider has just locked up the Presidential nomination - despite the best efforts of the party establishment to stop him.  On the Democratic side, the "Party of the People" has long stopped representing "We the People" - instead becoming largely a "brand" and providing fund raising and get-out-the-vote efforts for establishment candidates.

#politicalrevolution = #occupydemocrats - It's Time to TAKE BACK the Party of the People!

I've about had it with emails titled "STATUS: Not Active" - asking for contributions to the Democratic Party, or the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, or some other Party fund dedicated to electing Hillary Clinton President, and maintaining incumbents in office.  And I've definitely fed up with those calling for all of us to "support the party."  At the same time, I'm dismayed by Bernie supports saying "Bernie or Bust."

It seems to me that We the People have allowed the "Party of the People" to become an elite in-group, doing the bidding of moneyed interests, wrapped in a brand that's marketed like a consumer product.  

And it seems to be lost on the Party establishment that people are jumping ship.  The majority of voters are now independents.  Campaign donors are bypassing Party channels - to contribute directly to candidates, or to contribute to Progressive umbrella organizations such as MoveOn and Democracy for America.  And many of those contributions are going to candidates who challenge incumbents, and to candidates running in districts and states that the Party has given up on.

A Tyranny of Political Parties: From Tribes to Insiders & Brands

This election cycle is highlighting the collapse of both major political parties – and perhaps of the two-party system.  We need to fix this, or find a new way for We the People to maintain a Government Of the People, By the People, For the People.

When our Nation began, we didn't have any political parties.  Our Constitution makes no mention of parties, and our Founding Fathers warned against parties and “factions.1”  

Since then, however, political parties have become our vehicles for aggregating votes, electing representatives, and wielding power.  Over time the landsape has changed -  from the  Federalists & Democratic-Republicans (Anti-Federalists), to Democrats & Whigs, to emergence of the Republicans.  Today’s Republican Party is far from the "Party of Lincoln," and today’s Democrats are far from the “Party of the People” of the New Deal era.